Sport   Air Hockey - Ice Hockey  Skill   Little Speedy  Skill   Klobber the Robber Page 2 Sport  Kick Boxer  TV New Operation Ghost 42" DX  TV / New Dead Heat Riders / 42” DX  Sports  Kicker Multiplayer  Kiddie Ride  Kiddie Train  Kiddie Ride  Cabrio Car Sports Boxer Multiplayer Kiddie Ride Roadster Kiddie Ride Moto GPI Kiddie Ride Sweet House TV New Namco Dark Escape 4D Poster designed by Y.Richter, Dipl. Designer TV New SEGA Grid / Twin Home New machines Used machines Service Contact Disclaimer Deutsche Webseite However the new ICE HOCKEY allows you to discover a totally new game of air hockey! The function of giving ADDITIONAL pucks during the game, makes the game very fast, almost addictive and players won't get bored! After each exciting game finished in a draw, extra time is played. Features: Modern design The playfield made from highest quality plexi, with stunning visual effect by lighting from below Playfield graphics reflecting the real game of hockey on ice, divided into divisions - Eastern and Western The mechanism of giving additional (EXTRA) pucks during the game - there will be as many extra pucks as many were put into the machine by operator (max. 6) Bands made from highest quality plexi, constructed in a way that pucks don't fall out! Game time, score and credits are shown on the displays located whether on the playfield whether on the lamp (depending on model) Lighted legs A wide range of sound effects Entirely made from aluzinc - 2 year warranty for any perforation of painted elements (with proper usage of the machine) 100% waterproof. Kiddie Ride  King Cross Kiddie Ride  Dolphin Boat  Sport Kids Basketball